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Welcome to the Architecture Committee Home page

Many Crestmont homeowners wish to renovate or improve their homes. Whether you plan to do a small or a large scale project, please remember that before you start any work, you must have the Board’s approval and also review your plans with your neighbors.  Final Board approval follows the Association’s Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions ("CC&R's), so please read the sections applicable to your project based on the list below. The HCA Board supports adding value to our neighborhood and community with home improvements if homeowners follow the CC&Rs and keep neighbors informed.

For paint jobs, fences, decks, driveways, solar panels, large-scale additions, and certain landscaping projects we would like to thank you in advance for submitting the proper paperwork and following the Association’s CC&Rs.  See the full detailed list of projects requiring approval below.

If your project is large, please have a professional (contractor or architect) do your drawings – we not only need these for the approval of your project, but your neighbors can better understand your designs when you share it with them.  Subsequently, the Board will be reviewing your approved City of Oakland permit drawings and construction of your project as well.

 Architectural Documents and Guidelines

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CC&Rs and By-laws

Architectural Committee Contact: or 510-531-2141

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Projects that need to have approval from the HCA:

  • An important reminder that we are a single family dwelling neighborhood only– which means the addition of rental units within homes, “in-law suites”, or the addition of a second kitchen, are not allowed per our CC&Rs, without exceptions.
  • Any exterior change that is visible from your backyard, side yard or front yard.
  • Landscaping that is visible from your front, side or backyard. This is important to those neighbors on the down slope that may be affected by retaining walls, drainage issues with new irrigation, removal of rooted plants etc..
  • Painting of house, garage doors, or fence, regardless of color (even if it is the same colors).
  • New/replacement fence, moving a fence or adding to a fence. All fences must meet the setback requirements from your property line (on any side) Also the height cannot exceed 6ft.
  • Retaining walls, hillside tree removal (remember to keep stumps in for soil retention).
  • Any addition to your home that affects the exterior (note the 5’ setback to side property lines!).
  • New or replacement decks (even if it is just replacing or repairing the same footprint). We must ensure on hillsides that they are secure and will not affect the downhill slope or block views.
  • New windows (if a different size than the windows being replaced).
  • New roof (small patches or alterations for vents do not require approval).
  • Solar panels, which can only be installed on the roof of the house.
  • Hot tub with framing or any new gazebo or permanent shade structure in your backyard.

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Follow these steps for the submission of a great all-around package:


STEP 1:  Review the CC&R’s regarding your proposed project components and designs.  If you have specific questions, please contact the Architecture Committee for directions.


STEP 2: Prepare the necessary design plans and/or color samples (if applicable).


STEP 3:  Fill out ALL proper Forms (find these on the web page)

-  Print the “Submittal General Form” with 1st page filled out.

-  Print the “Neighbor Awareness Forms”.  Speak with your neighbors about your proposed work and show them any color schemes and/or all DATED drawings you will be submitting to the Committee, so they fully understand what you are planning. You should get forms signed by all neighbors affected, which may include across the street or behind you. In some cases the Architectural committee will let you know which neighbors need to be given forms.


Please note: the Committee must receive a package with neighbor awareness forms completed unless there are extenuating circumstances.


STEP 4: Submit the entire package of materials to the Architectural Committee chairperson to review.  Remember, the more complete the package, the quicker the process can proceed!



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Review Process:

  • The Architectural committee will let you know if your submission package is complete.  Neighbor forms and plans will be reviewed, and a site visit may be planned to better understand your proposed project.  Once all is in order, the Architectural committee will make a recommendation to the Board.  Please note – this recommendation is NOT a final approval for you to go ahead with work!
  • The Board meets the last Monday of each month (except December) and will discuss your application.  If there are circumstances in which email discussion among the Board may be necessary to help meet project deadlines that can be requested. 
  • Taking the entire package into consideration, the Board will either approve, disapprove, or approve with stipulations to the project. In some cases further information may be requested.
  • For projects that require a City of Oakland Building Permit:  Once the Board gives HCA approval of submitted plans with the stipulation that the permit is required, you will need to submit a copy of the issued permit to the Board which will then verify that it matches the approved plans, and as necessary make a site visit(s) during construction or upon completion to verify the project continues to comply with the CC&Rs and the plans originally submitted.
  • The Board will return the signed off approval form for your records.

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