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Volunteer Opportunities

The HCA Board and committees are made up of homeowners, like you, who volunteer a bit of their time to represent and protect the property values for everyone in the Association. The more HCA members that take a turn getting involved the better it is for everyone. We invite you to contribute your ideas and opinions and take part in supporting your community. The following are the districts where we need representation each year:


The 'District Director' is typically a member of the voting Board of Directors and a point of contact for anyone in their district.  They can assist as a liaison between homeowners and the Board to express concerns or inquires on HCA isses. It's preferred but not required that you live in the district that you cover. There are 12 District Directors positions on the Board of Directors (one for each of the twelve blocks that make up the Association) and Directors at large.

District 1 - Is 9–15 Yarmouth Ct., 2–29 Pembrook Ct., 2–22 Stantonville Ct., 200–310 Stantonville Dr.

District 2 - Is 25–187 Chadbourne Way and 198–231 Kimberlin Heights

District 3 - Is 1–185 Rishell Drive

District 4 - Is 200–297 Rishell Drive and 225–297 Chadbourne

District 5 - Is 300–355 Rishell Drive and 301–351 Chadbourne

District 6 - Is 1–175 Crestmont Drive and 3690 & 3696 Butters Drive

District 7 - Is 11–191 Kimberlin Heights Drive

District 8 - Is 39-158 Colgett Drive and 183-277 Crestmont Drive

District 9 - Is 288-500 Crestmont Drive

District 10 - Is 1–15 Samaria Lane and 538–598 Crestmont Drive

District 11 - Is 411-485 Creighton Way and 500-598 Westfield Way

District 12 – Is 1-93 Van Cleave Way

Committees And Liaison Positions

Committees and task positions that allow the Board to run more efficiently include the following:

• Architectural and Views Committee
• Beautification Committee
• Events Committee
• Newsletter Editor
• Real Estate Liaison
• Security Committee
• Webmaster

We invite you to contact any Board member if you have any questions or wish to get involved. The Board welcomes any and all homeowners to join us in maintaining our special neighborhood.