HCA Board of Directors

The Homeowners of Crestmont Association (HCA) is a non-profit volunteer organization to help maintain the visual integrity and quality of life of our neighborhood as well as support individual homeowners in the protection of their property rights and values. Every homeowner is encouraged to review the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions ("CC&Rs") upon the purchase of their home. The CC&R’s are intended to provide each homeowner with a common understanding of HCA’s overall goals’ and objectives and are posted on this website. 

The Board of Directors is the body that carries out the duties of the Association per the CC&R’s relative to managing the business affairs, property maintenance, building requirements, restrictions enforcement and general operations of the organization. The Directors are made up of HCA members and are volunteers. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the membership and create policies per guidelines of the CC&Rs. Any member in good standing is eligible to stand for election as a Director.

The HCA Board of Directors consists of up to nine (9) board members.

Officers Include:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

Various committees and task groups have assisted the Board in the past and include the following:

  • Architectural and Views Committee

  • Beautification Committee

  • Events Committee

  • Newsletter Committee

  • Real Estate Liaison

  • Security Committee

  • Website Committee

Other committees may be formed as deemed necessary to take care of specific HCA projects.  Committee members are often made up of Directors but are not required to be a Director.

The HCA Board meets on the last Monday of each month, except for December. The Board also holds at least one general annual meeting for the entire membership, usually in November, to which all members are encouraged to attend. A meeting in May is also sometimes called.

All nine HCA board members are "at-large" directors.

Please reach out if you are interested and available to volunteer to serve on our Board of Directors! Please email info@crestmont94619.org to message the Board.

  1. Michael Amankwah (2023 Treasurer)

  2. Kamika Dunlap

  3. Sarah Evangelista

  4. Greg Klein (2023 Secretary)

  5. Carisse Lynelle

  6. Cindy Maskeny (2023 Vice President)

  7. Elaina Munzar

  8. Keith Uriarte

  9. Christian Wagner

At its Organizational Meeting before the end of January 2024 the Board will choose its officers for 2024.

Terms all end on November 27, 2025.

Archive of Board Directors since 2021

Current Committees & Task Groups

  1. Architectural and Views | Cindy Maskeny | architecturalchair@crestmont94619.org | (414) 828-2237

  2. Events | Needs Volunteer | info@crestmont94619.org

  3. Real Estate Liaison | Needs Volunteer | info@crestmont94619.org

  4. Security Intervention Group Inc. | call 24 hr dispatch (877) 272-8765

  5. Security | Needs Volunteer | security@crestmont94619.org

  6. Website/Webmaster | Needs Volunteer | info@crestmont94619.org

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